Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Brown's Household Panacea - The Great Pain Reliever

A panacea is basically a cure-all. Most patent medicines of the 1800's were panaceas of one sort or another. Brown's Household Panacea, sold during the late 1800's tp early 1900's for 25 cents a bottle, was advertised as a "family liniment" which was, oddly, also recommended for internal use.

Its advertising claimed it would treat any pain whether applied externally to the skin or taken by mouth:

For Internal And Extenral Pains, Rheumatism, Pain in Stomach, Bowels or Side, Colic Diarrhoea, Colds, Sprains, Burns, Scalds, Cramps & Bruises.

It's ingredients, like most patent medicines of the day, were kept secret and I was unable to find any contemporary analysis of the contents.